The enhanced thermal insulation, interior or exterior, is the most basic and crucial step in building an energy upgrade. With the implementation of integrated thermal insulation systems, you can achieve large scales of energy saving for heating and cooling.

The insulation is an important part of the overall design of the building - in terms of energy efficiency and the environment protection. Allows a lot of possibilities to avoid wasting energy on the total building and creating a pleasant environment for residents.

Proper insulation in existing buildings can reduce energy consumption for heating by 60%. This could be increased by including, the improvement of the thermal performance of windows, improving insulation in roofs and ceilings in the upper part of the building and upgrading of the heating and cooling system.

As for comfortable living, a well thought out insulation optimizes the use of walls and ceilings as heat, since the heat stored in these plays an important role in the reheating of a room after airing while balances the daily changes in temperature.

In older buildings the different surface temperatures of components often leads to air transferring and asymmetry in the thermal tension in the room, making the residents do not feel comfortable and cool. Fixed surface temperatures are achieved by using good external insulation without the presence of thermal bridges prevent the condensation of air moisture, making the presence of damp walls and algae past.

The lowest energy consumption for heating automatically leads to lower emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases such as CO2. Additionally, a good external insulation is a form of personal guarantees against the present and future energy crises.


The external insulation is applied effectively for 30 years in Europe and America. It is an alternative implementation of conventional insulation and the only solution for insulating and renovating old buildings. Provides spectacular thermal effect, saving interior space, architectural freedom and great durability!

The process of external insulation involves placing insulation panels outside of the building blocks (bricks-old plaster or concrete) and coating them with thin layer of industrially produced elastic plaster, ready for use.

The external insulation upgrades the building energy class, reducing the overall consumption of energy. In accordance with European Directive 2002/91/EC buildings will obtain energy identity (Energy Inspection Certificate) which will depends on the total energy consumption in KWh/m2. In those buildings do not meet the requirements of energy identity can not be held trading and leases while high class energy identity increases trade and reduce the assessed (objective) value of the building.


The insulation of the interior space is a must in case of failure of external insulation construction: Due to the apparent existence bricklaying, party wall in contact with other property or for specific architectural options such as exposed concrete. In these cases, actions for energy upgrading of the wall can be performed from the inner side.

The insulation inside ensures high speed space heating in winter or cooling in summer. In winter provide better thermal comfort as the measured temperature is within a couple of degrees higher and the speed of airflow is less noticeable in the space, compared with that when the insulation is external.

The most effective method of internal insulation is fitting insulation panels of rock wool and their covering with plasterboard. Thus high efficiency, minimum reduction of usable space and less labor work will be succeed means clean and economic constructions. Stone wool ensures parallel with insulation, the fire protection of the construction, while important is the resulting benefit in terms of soundproofing and acoustics.



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