Stoves and boilers for solid fuels (biomass) is suitable for burning poor fuel such as wood, coal, pellet and various stone fruits, oil-cake with economy and smooth operation. The variety of combustion materials allows you to choose the cheapest material you could find in your area.

Stoves, Boilers - Heaters

In the category of air-heaters we include stoves and boilers that use airflow to heat the space. The flow of air is usually ensured by an electric blower (fan) which either simply helps the air to exit from the radiator or to be distributed through a network of ducts.

Furnaces, Boilers - Plumbing

Stoves or boilers with hydraulic unit, connected with the central system of radiators can distribute heat via hydraulic circuit of your apartment or building.

Current applications and advantages

The solid fuel boilers are products that combine modern technology with traditional fuel materials. Depending on their construction they can burn coal, petroleum residues (PET-KDR) and many other materials that essentially make each producer self-sufficient in fuels.

In connection with the oil or gas boilers, a solid fuel boiler such as an olive pits boiler depreciates the market value in less than 1.5 years! The decrease in operating expenses reaches 70% compared with an oil boiler and 60% compared to a gas boiler!

A solid fuel boiler for household is usually mixed combustion and manufactured in various sizes, from 25,000 kcal / h to 210,000 kcal / h. They adapt easily to existing installation and can work with any heating system: one-pipe, two-pipe, full-open or closed tank.

In summary the advantages of solid fuel boiler are: great performance with all types of solid fuel, minimal and easy cleaning, ecological function and easy conversion for fuel switching. Investing in a solid fuel boiler can be sure that you warm up your space without being dependent on the oil price increases!

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