Solar thermal systems use the free energy of the sun to provide heating and sanitary hot water with zero tailpipe emissions. Easily installed and offer a reduction of up to 80% on heating costs.

Solar heating is the method by which the solar energy is used in heating. In domestic heating purposes the heat transfer mediator is water, which is heated by burning oil or gas or by a heat pump system and is circulated to radiators or to underfloor heating. The water used for heating can be heated by solar energy largely dependent on the installation kind reducing immediately the fuel burned or the electricity consumed. Especially in Greece, where there is strong sunlight even during the winter months, the application of solar thermal is very efficient.

The solar thermal installations have already highly developed application even in the countries of northern Europe, where solar radiation is significantly lower than in Greece, with great success. The basic principle of a solar thermal system is that its installation and operation contributes to the main heating system (with other energy sources) rather than removing it. The degree of contribution and hence reducing fuel use depends on the size of the installation, its geographical location and other factors.

Solar thermal systems have the following advantages: saving fuel, reducing emissions, reduced maintenance, very fast return in investment, does not need to remove the existing heating system and very small interventions in existing buildings.

The operation of the solar thermal system is beiing in parallel with the boiler (or other heating systems), and regardless of the heating demand on the premises, providing heat to the water if the demand is simultaneous with sunshine, but also saving energy during the day for use at night. Solar thermal systems are used more in heating the floor, where the water as a heating medium, circulates at low temperatures which could be achived even with minimal sunshine. Reducing of fuel (or electricity) consumed can reach 80%, which is very important for daily economy and the impact on the environment.

For the absorbtion of solar radiation and then water heating used selective solar panels or evacuated tube collectors. Both types ensure high absorption of solar energy and consequently great contribution to the heating system, occupying a much smaller area than standard flat plate collectors. The cost of installing a solar thermal system varies depending on the size of the installation and the rate they're going to reduce energy consumption.

The great advantage of such a system is that the size (and therefore cost) may be adapted to user requirements and is easily changed. For example, it can be mounted to a system that takes 30% of the heating load, and after a time to be extended with extra solar panels so as to cover 60% of heating.



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