wireless-thermostat-ISTCThe energy saving technology of SUNNYHEAT system is based on communication of ISTC intelligent electronic controller and the electronic part of the body infrared.

The electronic systems of the infrared panels of SUNNYHEAT constantly regulate temperature under a specially designed algorithm. Communicating continuously, it compares the measured temperature of the space with the requested every 1 minute and accurately by 0,1οC.

Thus the minimum electronic power to reach the measured temperature is calculated, with the desired, the most economical and efficient manner. As we reach the desired temperature, it consumes the minimal power to maintain it.

The Smart Controller ISTC which is an exclusive patented of SUNNYHEAT, that has the ability to indicate the surface temperature (and adjusts it according to the requirements of each house) and the temperature at the back of the body. Additionally it also has a consumption meter so at any time you can know the power consumption by the body.

The infrared radiators consist of an aluminum frame and a flat surface made of safety glass. The electronic control unit is located at the rear of the panel. An intelligent electronic controller IST accompanies each body.
Worldwide patented saving of the German House SUNNYHEAT

The infrared panels are 100% made in the German factory SUNNYHEAT, and is equipped with an electronic unit and the intelligent wireless controller ISTC.

In this we predetermine the desired temperatures for space heating up to 16-daily and weekly scripts (i.e. Monday 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. 210οC, 9:00-15:30 160οC, 15:30 - 210οC 17:30, 17:30 to 23:00 23:00 to 6:00 200οC and 180οC, respectively, and the rest of the week, depending on the presence or not at home, etc.).

The smart controller ISTC, communicates every minute with the electronic unit at the back of the body of the infrared heating SUNNYHEAT and as approaching the desired preset temperature, it commands to reduce energy absorption thus reducing energy consumption.

The smart controller ISTC  has other important functions such as:

  • Ability to display the actual power consumption of the infrared body,
  • Possibility of avoiding the larger power demand in case of multiple infrared body fed from the same phase,
  • Ability to change the maximum surface temperature, which can reach up to 1900οC,
  • Possibility of showing the surface temperature readings and the corresponding rear body part of the infrared panal. (This is because the temperature in the rear part of the body must be much smaller than that of the emitting surface to prevent operation as convector, namely to prevent movement of the air due to high temperature, between the wall and the body, which would result in the increase consumption and the delay in heating the space.)
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