The geothermal systems collect the energy stored in the subsoil by means of geothermal heat pumps (GSHP) and exploit the temperature difference between surface and subsurface, providing winter heating and summer cooling.

With the geothermal systems we can absorb some of the energy stored in the subsoil and groundwater and surface waters, which we can use for heating or cooling the buildings.

The application of geothermal air conditioning utilizes the increased efficiency of heat pumps by taking the necessary thermal energy from the ground during the winter, for our heating, and by rejecting surplus heat to the ground during the summer for our cooling. While the temperature of the soil surface changes during the year, a few meters below the temperature remains almost constant. For example, at 15 meters below the surface of the ground temperature is constantly 18 º C throughout the year. This temperature is much higher than the temperature of the winter, much lower than the ambient temperature in the summer and close to the ideal temperature indoors.

The geothermal systems consist of the Geothermal Heat Exchanger, the Geothermal Heat Pump and the Indoor Unit.

The Geothermal Heat Exchanger is the system that absorbs or rejects heat to the ground. The heat pump works respectively with water pumps but instead of water, thermal energy is being transfered. That draws energy from a place (eg temperature 5 º C) and transfers it to another area of higher temperature (eg, temperature 25 º C). The most common heat pump is the refrigerator, which draws heat energy from the interior space and rejects it to the place where has been installed, thus keeping the interior temperature at low levels. The electricity spent for the operation is much less than that of theheat transfer. The indoor unit is the system that gives or absorbs heat from the house.

The low temperature heat pumps cannot be used with common radiators, which require very high water temperatures, but only with Fan Coils (Equipment that forced air circulation) or Underfloor / Wall Heating. The Underfloor Heating is the most appropriate as it ensures optimal thermal comfort conditions and allows the exploitation of other energy saving systems such as solar panels. Additionally it is ideal for areas with high altitude as it prevents thermal stratification of the air.

Generally, heat pumps are considered renewable energy sources as exploiting energy from nature!



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